About Us

Get to know Dr. Dent

Dr. Dent was founded in 1990 by Delton Griffe and Don Elliott in Overland Park, Kansas. Their goal was simple: To provide an excellent service at a fair cost and to earn the trust of their customer by staying true to those goals. 

As one of the original paintless dent repair companies, Delton and Don introduced the remarkable method of repairing door dings and dents without doing expensive and time-consuming body work. This allowed the people of Kansas City and the surrounding area the possibility of having their cars restored to like-new condition in a matter of minutes versus days with the old method, at a fraction of the price.

By the end of 1991, Dr. Dent had more than doubled their staff and had begun servicing many local residents and auto dealerships. It became clear that a larger space was needed. In 1992, we moved our family of employees and our handcrafted tools and lights to a new shop. With the increase of work, more mobile service vans were added, additional employees were trained, and we secured several long-term contracts with large Kansas City dealerships for on-site work. The dealerships were thrilled to be able to keep their cars on the lot while repairs were being made and were able to forward the savings on what was once a costly repair, to their own customers.

At Dr. Dent, we train our paintless dent repair technicians for almost a full year, ensuring they have the knowledge and precision to do the job right the first time. In the last 26 years, we’ve become a family which not only includes our employees, but our loyal customers and friends. Customers feel comfortable trusting Dr. Dent for their entire paintless dent repair needs because it's the same excellent service and a constant staple in the Kansas City community that it was in 1990.

With the resolve of our staff to always do their best work and provide reliable, timely service, Dr. Dent continued to grow, this time doubling their shop space and staff.

With the multitude of hail and wind storms in Kansas City, we found and employed the best and most sought after paintless dent repair technicians in the United States. Dr. Dent quickly became known as the first choice for excellent, quick hail damage repair. While “storm chasers” will come into town, set up shop, and leave as quickly as they came, Dr. Dent has earned our customers loyalty by being a fantastic local and long-standing company. We’ll be here when others have left, so our customers enjoy the confidence that their repairs will be done worry-free.

Justen Green joined the Dr. Dent team in 2006. He quickly gained popularity with our customers as an excellent technician with his friendly smile and easy going personality. As 2011 came to a close, Don began considering a well-deserved retirement in order to travel and explore the country with his wife. It was at that time that Delton, along with Justen, stepped up to take over the company themselves. With the new year and new ownership came another upgrade and move to a larger shop at 8905 Lenexa Drive in Overland Park. While the location has changed, and we have a few new faces, Dr. Dent is still Kansas City’s premier paintless dent repair shop, and we’d love the opportunity to earn your loyalty and friendship.